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Anne Pasquale

(917) 881-7149 * Hair: Brunette * Eyes: Sienna * Height: 5’5”

    The Deuce                        Librarian             HBO, Ernest Dickerson
    As The World Turns               Susan (Under Five)    CBS
    Search for Tomorrow              Nurse (Under Five)    CBS
    One Lies The Other One Swears    Mrs. Pepiscino        Bjornquist Films, Tommy Milano
    Londinium                        Mariposa              Bjornquist Films, Whitney Hamilton

    Custody                          Shannon               Fresh Fruit Festival, Patrick McCarthy
    12th NIGHTed                     Olivia                Fresh Fruit Festival, Patrick McCarthy
    BOB (Off-Broadway)               Twenty characters     KanDu Productions, Mary Ann Hay
    The Altruist (World Premiere)    Christine             Gallery Players, Brad Malow
    Independence                     Evelynne              Lee Strasberg Theatre, Merve Taskan
    Macbeth                          Lord & Lady Macduff   Raised Spirits Theatre, Alex Carney
    The Ruffian on the Stair         Joycie                78th Street Theatre Lab, Dunsten McCormack
    A Small Inconvenience            Amy                   Actors Studio PD Unit, Carlin Glynn
    Anna Weiss                       Anna                  Green Mountain Productions    
    Fallen Angels                    Jane                  Actors Studio Theatre, Frank Corsaro
    Three Sisters                    Olga                  New Dramatists, Ada Brown Mather
    A View From the Bridge           Catherine             Lincoln Center Library Theatre
    Strings                          Marie Curie           78th Street Theatre Lab
    Challenge Her                    Private Frank         Queens Theatre in the Park
    Rose Tattoo                      Serafina              Accidental Repertory Theater
    Emma’s Doll’s House              Emma Goldman          Accidental Repertory Theater
    Doll’s House                     Kristina              Accidental Repertory Theater
    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf    Martha                Accidental Repertory Theater
    Brecht on Brecht                 Judith Keith          Accidental Repertory Theater, John Strasberg
    Rule Rhode Island                Sarah Goddard            Edinburgh Fringe
    The Amazing Nellie Bly           Nellie Bly               One Dream Theatre, Dina Janis
    Calamity Jane                    Calamity                 Miranda Theatre
    Liberty Belles                   Multiple Ethnic Roles    Yale Repertory Theatre    
    Helen and Me                     Annie Sullivan           Arc Light Theatre    
    BFA Program                     University of Rhode Island
    Graduate Theatre Program        Tisch School of the Arts
    Summer Institute                LAMDA
    Member                          Actors Studio

    Acting: Bob Krakower, Peter Flood, Geraldine Page, Ada Brown Mather, John Strasberg and Susan Batson
    Vocal Technique: Kimberly Stern, Bobby Troka, Gene Bullard

    Drivers License, Passport, Teleprompter, Central European Accents, Conversational Spanish, Biking, Running


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